At Tezlom, we do what we do because we care, it’s as simple as that.

Our Service

Our goal is to ensure we deliver exceptional quality care and support to our clients. We understand that being in your own home and around the people you love and care about is an important part of a person’s well-being. Tezlom considers clinical governance an essential part of our long- term vision. Exceptional care and clinical excellence are right at the heart of the way we work. Tezlom provides a fully managed clinical service that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. 

At Tezlom, our teams of highly qualified and carefully vetted Care Assistants and Registered Nurses are here to help you whenever you need us, day, or night. Our homecare services are fully flexible and can be arranged at short notice, so no matter what happens, we’ve always got your back. 

Consistency is key for us at Tezlom.

One of our brand ethos’s core pillars is built around our dedicated and zealous nature, a key trait we look for in all our clinical staff. 

At Tezlom Homecare we don’t just do what’s required; we make sure we go that extra mile to give our clients, and more importantly the service user, the best experience possible. Tezlom Homecare is clinically lead, which is at the heart of our business.

Our aim is to offer transparency and support to the service user, allowing a smooth and simplified transition from hospital to home. A transitioning process can be quite scary, we understand this, so our helpful and friendly clinical team will ensure that all our customers are supported throughout the process. A Case Manager will be assigned to all our customers to ensure that we uphold our quality-of-care policies. 

How we serve you: As the Client

Bespoke care at home, including nursing and complex care services.
Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to tailor our services to each client’s individual personal needs and lifestyle.
Person-centred: Complex care begins with the individual, their strengths, and their goals, their relationships, and natural daily structures to heal and sustain them. We take great care to make sure each of our clients receives the kind of care that works for them.
Our service is outcome-based, supporting service users to live with as much comfort as possible and empowering them to have choice and control over their care. We adopt a partnership approach, working closely with the family and their loved one, ensuring that our healthcare professionals are always consistent in the approach of care which they deliver.
We ensure loved ones are treated with the utmost respect and dignity at all times, whilst providing the highest standards of care. Private, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local authorities and NHS. - We work with many companies and organisations (Private & Public) to provide expert support anywhere in the country. Using our clinical knowledge to provide sustainable and safe care, we would be more than happy to help your organisation too. Tezlom Homecare is a smart solution for arranging quality care.

Public Funding
Personal Health Budgets

If you need care services, you may have the option to receive funding as part of a Personal Health Budget (PHB). 

What is a Personal Health Budget?

PHB’s were introduced in 2014 for adults and children receiving continuing healthcare. A PHB is an amount of money granted to an individual to support their healthcare and well-being needs. They are arranged through local NHS teams and local authorities. 

How does it work?

A PHB is based around a care and support plan, which identifies health and well-being goals. This plan will be developed by the individual receiving funding, in collaboration with the local NHS team or local authority team to set out how the budget will be spent to fulfil these goals. The budget can be managed in several ways: 

  • To provide them with the highest standards of care - To enhance their quality of life and maximise their potential. 
Where can I find out more information?

If you would like further information about PHB’s, it is best to contact your local NHS team who help you most often with your care, e.g. your GP or care manager. 

How can Tezlom Homecare help?

Whether your care is paid for by private funding or public funds either commissioned on your behalf or directly by you, we will deliver a high-quality care package, tailored to your individual needs that will enrich and support daily living.

Nurse Led Care

Understanding each client needs to give the best quality care is a lengthy process. Finding staff to be able to deliver that care to the Tezlom standard is something different altogether! However, at Tezlom, we have cracked the code for recruitment, meaning we get it right the first time, every time. 

Our recruitment process is uniquely equipped to ensure that only the best candidates are being sourced, guaranteeing that we get it right and hit the ground running. 

Our nurse-led team will conduct a detailed interview, assessing clinical competency prior to any candidate working with Tezlom. All nursing and care team members at the recruiting stage will be assessed needing to pass a drug calculation test and skill checklist. We include this as a part of our process to ensure that all our clients are receiving the care needed at the highest level of quality. 

As part of this process, our clinical leads will ensure a portfolio which will evidence the training they have completed for their Continuous Professional Development.

All the training we provide is CPD accredited to ensure our staff are fully competent to provide safe and effective care to all service users.

All Mandatory Training and Medication Administration Training is updated prior to commencing work with Tezlom plus any client specific-training courses that may be requested. There is a wide range of training available for our Qualified Nursing Staff so they can maintain the knowledge and skills needed for safe and effective practice. 

We have a fantastic digital platform where service users can access their care information quickly and easily. This personalised service allows our care staff to access care plans and document the care delivered, giving us the ability to review care as it is being delivered. We can monitor our service and communicate with staff and resolve any issues in real-time. 

Complex Care Training
Tezlom Homecare Training Academy offers a range of training courses acutely catered for a patient-specific skill list within complex care.

Staff Recruitment & Development

At Tezlom, we are continually investing back into our staff, giving them a platform to grow and thrive in a career they love. 

Staff are recruited using our in-depth recruitment process that utilises competency assessments, interviews, DBS and reference checking to ensure that only the best health care professionals join our team. 

We believe it is essential that our carers receive full training to help them cope with every eventuality. This is why at Tezlom we enrol all our staff on a comprehensive training and development programme that ensures staff have the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet all client’s needs. 

Before our care professionals start work, we provide “shadowing” where they will be observed and monitored by more experienced carers. This provides our staff with the opportunity to watch, listen and learn as well as put into practice some of the skills they have learned already, allowing them to develop in their role. 

Taking The Next Step

At Tezlom we’re very much people people, meaning we always like to do face-to-face meetings where ever possible so that we can fully appreciate all the requirements you have. Our team will be in full PPE whilst in your home or at our office.

It’s important to us that we not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations: an upfront, no-obligation discussion that helps us understand more about you and how we can work together in order to fulfil your needs.

How it works

Once we’ve assessed your needs, we will go through all the options available to you and show you a little about how we work so that you can understand how our leading-edge technology and local nursing teams will support your care. Once your care plan is agreed, we’ll arrange regular reviews with you to ensure that your needs continue to be met and address any changes in your requirements or preferences.

We’re committed 365 days a year – our phones are answered 24-hours a day, seven days a week by our dedicated out-of-hours team, so if you ever have an urgent requirement that’s outside regular working hours, we are here to help. 

Our commitment to providing the highest quality of care is second to none. This means you can rely on Tezlom for exceptional staff members who are well trained for the role, which are fully supported by our ever-evolving technology and a dedicated clinical team.

We are Tezlom Homecare, Here for all your complex care needs. Contact us today.

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