The life of a Band 2 Hospital Care Assistant is always varied, with no two days being the same. We spoke to one of the Band 2 Hospital Care Assistants employed with 247 Professional Health to find out more about a typical shift on an average day. They said…

“I always arrive with plenty of time to spare before my shift starts so that I can change in to my uniform and be ready for the handover. Handovers are where we find out which team we’ll be working with and our roles for that shift. As part of this, we get updates on the patients who will be in our care and any changes in their condition and the Registered Nurse we’re working with will also give us any specific tasks they’d like us to focus on during the shift.

“Once I get onto the ward, I always introduce myself to my patients with a smile. It’s so important to be as friendly and approachable as possible as I know I’ll be dealing with very personal matters that need to be handled sensitively. The first tasks will be helping patients to start their day which includes assisting them in washing and changing out of their pyjamas, getting ready for breakfast and using the toilet. I’ll check the patient records, undertake and carefully record vital signs and input/output observations (temperature, pulse and fluids) and keep the Registered Nurse informed.

“Delivering patient-centred care means my days are always so varied. I could be helping a patient to put on their anti-embolic stockings, completing fluid and food records, or comforting a patient who is upset. Some patients need more assistance than others to help them do simple things like get comfortable, sit up or walk around the ward. Others will need a lot of observation if they are a fall risk or get confused easily. Supporting unwell patients also means regularly dealing with things like nausea, incontinence and blood without causing any embarrassment to the patient.

“Team work is really important on the ward and patients’’ meal times are a good example of this, with the whole team coming together to ensure everything runs smoothly. There’re always patients who require more assistance, whether that’s help sitting up or moving into a chair, or those who are unable to feed themselves. Some patients will also have special diets that require monitoring and its essential we update the records with their food and fluid intakes.

“Every shift is different and has its own challenges but it’s always worth it knowing you’ve made a huge difference to the patients that are in your care. I have to make sure patients are comfortable, records are kept up-to-date, all areas restocked and that the registered nurse is always informed on how patients are doing. At the end of each shift we have a handover with the next team, ensuring the continuity of care.”

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