This month, we’re back in our Southport head office to catch up with our Apprentice Recruitment Resourcer, Jasmine Brennon. Jasmine joined us here at 247 Professional Health in August 2018 after completing a degree in Sociology. In today’s blog, Jasmine tells us all about a day in the life of an Apprentice Recruitment Resourcer, and how it was her degree in sociology that first brought her attention to the issue of recruitment within the care industry.

Jasmine, what led you to joining 247 Professional Health?

“Whilst studying Sociology at university, I became increasingly aware of issues within the recruitment side of the care industry and the necessity for more accessibility to care staff. 247 Professional Health provided a much-needed service of filling gaps within the care industry by supplying staff at the most needed times, and I felt that the Apprentice Recruitment Resourcer position would allow me to play a role in bettering the experience of service users by ensuring the right people work in the right positions.”

What does your job as Apprentice Recruitment Resourcer entail?

“I have an active role in the entire recruitment process – from putting new positions on to our job boards to organising final interviews and calming any pre-interview nerves applicants might have. I make sure applicants have all the information they require and am available to discuss any questions they might have about the position they’ve applied for or the recruitment process in general.”

What does an average day look like?

“One of the great things about the job is that every day is different. On an average day though, I’ll start by checking that the job boards are all up to date and the correct adverts are live. I’ll work through the CV’s of current applicants to see if they fit the necessary requirements and whether they can be moved on to the next stage in the application process, which is phone interviews. During these, I discuss their previous experience and why they’re interested in the position they’ve applied for and arrange formal interviews with employers. If any applicants have an interview the next day, I’ll give them a call to make sure they’re prepared with all the information they need and are feeling confident.”

What do you most enjoy about the role?

“I genuinely look forward to work every day, something that not everyone is able to say. There’s an excellent team at 247 Professional Health and I thoroughly enjoy the company of my colleagues. I also really enjoy speaking to the applicants. It’s commendable how kind and caring these individuals are and nice to hear them discuss their previous roles with such empathy and passion for what they do. It’s not every day you meet such passionate and kind people.”

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