We’ve received some fantastic news for 247 Professional Health as we’re thrilled to announce the results of our recent audit undertaken by Neuven.

Neuven are the official auditors for the NHS Framework, and awarded our firm with a 100% Platinum Pass score – the highest score achievable.

But what exactly does our audit mean? We stopped by for a chat with our compliance team to find out more about the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at 247 Professional Health to ensure our consistent fantastic results.

Our Compliance Manager Amanda Dollah heads up our Compliance Team on a day to day basis. Speaking about the recent results, she said: “As a team, we have once again worked very hard to ensure we maintained our Platinum Pass audit rating. This year, we are delighted to have achieved a 100% Platinum, which is the highest grade available.”

Although our hard-working head office team have played a huge role in our recent audit result, it’s not without the efforts of our agency staff such as our Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers to name a few that achievements such as this are possible.

Amanda continues: “For us though, it’s not just about the shiny accolades we have achieved over the years and standards we continue to maintain, it’s about ensuring we have the best people in place to provide the best levels of care possible. Wherever we place staff, whether it be in an NHS hospital, nursing home or care home, mental health facility or learning disability setting, we can proudly say we have fantastic levels of care provided by excellent, well trained Nurses, OPDs, Carers and Support Workers alike. We’d like to thank each and every one of these people who work so hard day in and day out giving the best levels of care and support possible.”

Our Compliance Administrator Liz Gaynor added: “All of our results and achievements are certainly a team effort. We work to very clear guidelines, which suits us as a company because we see the value in excellent compliance for our workers and our clients.”

But why is compliance so important? When working in healthcare of any kind, there are certain standards that need to be met to ensure proper care is given to all of the patients treated by our staff. Compliance scores range vastly from agency to agency, and our fantastic score is a reflection of what we do to help our staff, from on-going training to hands-on learning facilities.

Staff Co-Ordinator Debbie Roden explains: “In the run-up to the audit, we were each tasked with individual things that needed looking at. As a compliance team, we work within set procedures, so these made it easier to ensure everything was correct from the very beginning. We are guided expertly by Amanda, who is always there to answer any questions regarding compliance, which in my case is a lot! Although I have worked for the company for nearly five years, I am very new to the compliance department and I’m extremely proud of our 100% Platinum Pass – it really makes all the hard work worth it.”

As compliance is such an important aspect of any healthcare role, it can often be challenging to meet the requirements and high standards put in place by bodies such as the NHS. Compliance Administrator Kim Stanhope said: “I am the NHS Compliance Administrator that deals with all NHS files, and so I understand that it is extremely difficult to meet the requirements that we expect. As an agency, a key role of ours is to be able to supply the NHS with staff so for us to get 100% in an audit such as this is an accomplishment in itself. It takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail and, of course, very clear instruction from our Compliance Manager Amanda

“Leading up to the audit itself, there was a very intense two week period, but with a lot of a team effort (and much more espressos!), all of the hard work paid off.”

From all of us at 247 Professional Health, we’d like to say a huge well done to our Compliance Team!

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