This month, we’ve headed to our Southport head office to catch up with our Trainee Recruitment Resourcer Amy Patterson, 26. Amy joined us here at 247 Professional Health as an agency worker in June 2017 before she made the move to her office-based role in April of this year. In our blog, Amy tells us all about a day in the life of a Trainee Recruitment Resourcer, and how her background in agency work makes her the perfect fit for the role!

Amy, what led to you joining the team at 247 Professional Health?

I’d applied for the role of Healthcare Assistant for 247 Professional Health because the company’s flexibility really suited me at the time. I liked the idea of being able to select my own hours, for example, and knew that the firm provided excellent salary, holiday pay and ongoing training to name a few.

While working as a Healthcare Assistant, what did your job entail and what did you like best about it?

While working as an Agency Worker for 247 Professional Health, I worked mainly in NHS roles specifically in The Walton Centre which mainly works with neuro patients. As part of my role, I worked in an observational capacity and did a lot of one-on-one work with patients, which I really enjoyed. I’m a very social person, so working in a capacity where I can meet and interact with new people is a great fit for me.

How did you make the move from the wards to our head office?

Because I was already working for 247 Professional Health, I regularly received emails from the recruitment team about available job roles. I’d spotted the Trainee Recruitment Resourcer position and after reading the criteria, I thought I could do really well in the role so decided to apply. Just a few hours later, Ryan from head office called me to find out more about me and my skills and from here, I was invited to interview. I’ve been an official member of the recruitment team since April 2018.

What does your average day look like for you, and what do you enjoy most about the role of Trainee Recruitment Resourcer?

My role is very varied and no two days are ever the same! On an average day, I’ll be found checking emails and liaising with candidates, booking in any interview days and hosting them at various locations, screening CVs and calling candidates back to find out more about them and which role will suit them best and managing the various job boards in which we advertise our available positions.