It’s that time of year again – thousands of people across the UK are donning those prestigious caps and gowns and collecting their hard-earned degrees in various fields. Out of this, many will be graduating with a degree in nursing and if you have recently finished your nursing course you may be left wondering what your options are and what the next step will be.

During your degree you will have acquired a number of valuable and transferable skills such as communication, problem solving and time management that will go a long way in enhancing your career. When it comes to choosing the direction you wish to go in, your nursing degree is a vital part of paving the way to various roles such as nursing, midwifery, emergency services and so on.

You can also opt to specialise in caring for different types of patients, from children to those struggling with mental health problems or learning disabilities. Additionally, nursing graduates can go on to work as managers in places such as healthcare trusts and hospitals or choose roles in counselling and social welfare. Nursing degrees can also allow you to work in a range of different environments, for example, hospitals, schools, prisons, the armed forces and even the likes of cruise ships!

Like many, you may wish to continue your studies with a postgraduate degree such as a Masters. This can help you when it comes to specialising in certain healthcare industries. There are many different options available when it comes to postgraduate courses so be sure to research it thoroughly and bear in mind the division which you would like to go into.

Here at 247 Professional Health we supply healthcare professionals to a range of UK sectors such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes and NHS services to name a few. We offer our staff an excellent salary, ongoing training, holiday pay and flexible working hours. To be able to register with us you must either be in your second year of study and have already completed 12 weeks of placements within care or alternatively had six months UK paid experience in the last five years within the role of a care assistant or support worker. Find out how you can join us at